Alexy Correa

Oct 3, 2020

2 min read

CS373 Fall 2020: Alexy Correa

What did you do this past week?

Our group was able to finish up phase 1 this week! We did not have a lot of time to do it because we were all busy that we had to do it 3–4 days before the deadline. I worked on the backend trying to scrape the information.

What’s in your way?

I have a couple of coding challenges that I need to complete. I also need to start studying for the exam that’s coming up in 10 days for this class. I think I’ll probably start by looking over the notes and exercises.

What will you do next week?

Next week, I’ll probably start working on Phase 2 of the project with my group and study for the exam in small chunks. I also have an assignment due next week for another class that I need to do.

What was your experience of iterators, reduce(), and tuple?

I think this week’s material was a bit harder for me to process. We went over a lot of information pretty quickly, and so I think I should spend extra time really trying to understand the concepts. I think overall thought I understand the idea behind iterators, reduce(), and tuples.

What’s it like working in a group?

I think it’s a good thing to work as a group because we get to help each other. We all get to work together on the quizzes in the breakout rooms and on the project. I think using Slack and Zoom has been very efficient for us to use and divide the work and communicate about our progress.

What was your experience of the team contract?

Filling out the team contract was pretty straightforward. We simply got on a zoom call and discussed the contract.

What was your experience of the peer review?

The peer review was also pretty easy to complete. Everyone in my group did really good. I really like my team.

What made you happy this week?

Having been able to pass the first round of the technical interview for Facebook, and do really well on the second round. Just waiting for a response.

What’s your pick-of-the-week or tip-of-the-week?

This week my tip-of-the-week is to sleep, even when you have upcoming deadlines. When you miss enough sleep, you lose productivity that you won’t be able to concentrate. Try to get some sleep, even if it’s a short nap.