CS371p Fall 2021: Alexy Correa

Alexy Correa
2 min readSep 27, 2021

What did you do this past week?

This past week, I was doing multiple projects at the same time for 3 CS classes and also studying and taking midterm exams. Studying took a big chunk out of my schedule since having 3 coding projects is not fun and all due at the same day, but homework from other classes was light.

What’s in your way?

I need to do multiple projects for iOS, Concurrency, and this class. I also need to finish on my repo for the Voting project. Another midterm is coming up, so this will also take more time out of my schedule.

What will you do next week?

I will need to start prioritizing on my work. I will first finish on my iOS project, then I need to test the makefile for the Voting project. I also need to make the schema to check the test data. For my concurrency class, I need to learn golang, and it’s a bit confusing.

If you read it, what did you think of the Paper #5: Pair Programming?

When it comes to pair programming, it is a great way to improve results when you are doing it with someone else. When you work with someone, you get a constant flow of ideas. Your program is also less prone on getting bugs because the both of you are always checking each others work. It is also a good way to get you prepared for group projects.

What was your experience of vector, list, and deque, and invalidation? (this question will vary, week to week)

I have had experience with vectors and list in the past, but deque and invalidation are new concepts to me. But the concept seems simple and the way that Dr. Downing explained things was helpful. I am starting to see why would we prefer one vs the other.

What made you happy this week?

Something that made me happy this week was that I ate sushi at the sushi conveyor restaurant in north Austin. It was really good, but recently the portions have been smaller and they have removed my favorite dessert from the menu. It no longer seems to be worth the price.

What’s your pick-of-the-week or tip-of-the-week?

There is this piece of software called f.lux. It adjusts the color temperature of your screen according to the time and day so that it can be easier on the eyes. It prevents from straining your eyes, especially if you have been in front of the screen the whole time. I believe that it can also filter out blue light.



Alexy Correa

College student at UT Austin, Junior in Computer Science